Our freight matching software keeps you loaded in one click and always on the move.

LOAD2GO is a marketplace that links customers, drivers, owner-operators, trucking companies and vendors. Our work is based on your preferences, looking for the best options and outcomes for you and your business.
LOAD2GO = Fulfillment through automation
What is LOAD2GO?
Technology makes the complex industry processes automated and decrease transportation costs. Freight Matching tool automatically creates the best routes for drivers based on their preferences.

Network for customers, truck drivers, owner-operators, trucking companies and vendors. Factoring, insurance, safety, equipment and much more can be found through LOAD2GO
LOAD2GO is about communication; it works as a one-stop solution where a customer always knows the location of their freight and who their driver is.
LOAD2GO team works hard to increase the amount of data every month. More than 1,000,000 loads are available monthly with the ability to connect to any existing boards.
The Big Data
LOAD2GO is a game changer in the logistics industry. With more than 1M loads available monthly, a Freight Matching tool saves time and arranges weekly routes based on your preferences, all for market prices.
LOAD2GO = Load Planner
How does it work?
Log in to your LOAD2GO platform
Fill out the required fields: acceptable freight weight, start location, home location, what locations you want to avoid, etc
fill the gaps
Check the suggested weekly route created by Al Freight Matching tool based on your preferences, including mileage and total gross
Proceed with booking the load
Receive an email with your rate confirmation including mileage and rate per mile
LOAD2GO provides stress-free and cost effective services that help businesses to streamline the processes through an automated online platform.
One-stop solution to all your trucking needs.
The team of professionals are ready to help with starting your trucking business with LOAD2GO.
Trucking authority
Vendors we work with offer big discounts on fuel cards that add up to big fuel savings over time.
Fuel cards
We provide the best ELDs with personal assistance to make your journey stress-free and smooth.
An exclusive offer for our LOAD2GO customers that are aimed to increase the profit. Easy, transparent invoice factoring with no hidden fees.
Flexible and convenient benefits are offered: 24/7 policy service, adjustable coverages, flexible billing and discounts. You can save up to $1,000 on your insurance quote.
The best quality services for the owner-operators and trucking companies. We take advantage of every day to increase the profit to the maximum.
Our vendors are ready to offer quality services at affordable prices.
Through our vendors we got you covered with an equipment rental, leasing, financing and purchasing for reasonable prices.
Run a business without hassle. We work you earn.