Is LOAD2GO a freight broker, trucking company, or dispatch service?
No. LOAD2GO is a logistics platform that assists with: keeping a solid business reputation, setting up new trucking companies (MC & DOT), finding & booking loads, renting equipment, assisting with safety service, insurance, load transportation arrangements factoring, accounting, billing, and much more.
How is LOAD2GO different from a trucking company and/or a dispatch service?
LOAD2GO is a customer and driver-oriented platform that is focused on saving up to 20% on transportation costs for customers and increasing drivers’ profit by up to 48% through transforming drivers into carriers. LOAD2GO is about technology, transparency and communication that allows taking control over the business. 

How to get started working with LOAD2GO?
To get started, please visit and fill out the form.
Can LOAD2GO help with truck and trailer rental, leasing, financing or purchasing?
LOAD2GO has a strong equipment rental, leasing, financing and purchasing network.
Can LOAD2GO assist with opening a trucking authority (MC and DOT number)?
Yes. LOAD2GO can assist with opening your own trucking company authority (MC & DOT).
Can LOAD2GO assist with fuel cards?
Yes. LOAD2GO works with multiple vendors who can assist with fuel card needs.
Can LOAD2GO assist with a tolls transponder?
Yes. LOAD2GO can assist with a PrePass account that allows paying for all tolls in the US.
Can LOAD2GO assist with insurance for trucking business?
Yes. LOAD2GO works with many insurance agencies and brokers that allow you to get better prices for your insurance needs.
Who can start working with LOAD2GO?
  • Customers (shippers and receivers)
  • Vendors (for supply chain services)
  • Existing trucking companies.
  • Owner-Operators (with trucks)
Are safety services included?
No. Safety services are not included and its costs may vary.
Why choose LOAD2GO?
LOAD2GO allows saving 20% on transportation costs for customers and increases gross revenue by 48% for owner-operators. It is a link between customers, drivers and vendors beneficial for each side. 

What kind of equipment does LOAD2GO currently support?
LOAD2GO currently supports 48 and 53 feet Dry Van, Reefer and Flatbed equipment.