Drivers’ work-life balance in trucking

Being a truck driver is no longer beneficial not for financial reasons, health reasons, or safety reasons. ‘This used to be a great way of earning, says truck driver Sam White. ‘But in today’s world it’s one of the hardest jobs’. The industry is not able to hire new drivers anymore as many drivers are underpaid and treated ‘like trash’. In America and nationwide, truck drivers face exhausting working conditions on daily basis: long hours on the road, no healthy food, no exercise, lack of safety. The shortage of 80,000 drivers tends to get worse in the next couple of years. These leads to a supply chain crisis that will affect everyone.
Today LOAD2GO extends logistics potential by presenting new formula that will stop the shortage and prevent the supply chain crisis.

LOAD2GO tools will improve the wealth of drivers. They will be able to support their families and spend more time with them, well-being and performance of each driver will be taken to the next level.

The transformation of professional CDL drivers into trucking companies will have a great impact on preventing the shortage, as this will allow drivers to manage their time and make their own decisions. Small trucking companies will benefit from LOAD2FO even more. The innovative app will give an ability to control everything through the phone. Drivers will have the ability to choose the loads they want, time, date, and route. Moreover, all loads will be for the market price, meaning that drivers will increase their income. Safety and insurance partners will keep the documents and drivers’ safe. Drivers will be able to rent equipment through LOAD2GO equipment rental partners, they will be able to do it using just their smartphone. The professional customer support team will be in contact 24/7 which will secure and prevent any issues driver might have during their work with LOAD2GO.

LOAD2GO believes that drivers’ well-being is a key to a success. LOAD2GO is trying to turn the system around and help thousands of truck drivers to take control of their health, spend more time at home and with families, and make more money.

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