Trucking company on your phone

Nowadays, 97% of Americans own a phone, the average time US adult spends using a phone equals 3 hours and 43 mins as per eMarket.

In the big trucking world, having a phone became one of the essentials that help provide smooth transportation. LOAD2GO team has worked hard to present an innovative and unique platform and make the transportation industry more technology-driven.

Time spent using a smartphone will become profitable for truckers and trucking companies.

The New LOAD2GO platform binds all needed features in one app. First and foremost is the fact that all loads are for a market price, this allows to save thousands of dollars as well as increase income for truckers and trucking companies. Getting loaded becomes as easy as clicking one button. Secondly, LOAD2GO partners will provide needed equipment, safety services, insurance, etc. Live tracking will allow you to check and communicate with drivers to make sure the goods are delivered safely and on time, which is a big benefit for freight brokers. Finally, all paperwork, payments, transaction histories, communication, 24/7 professional support and much more will allow running a trucking business from the phone.
LOAD2GO is ready to transform the whole logistics system, the team has found a solution to miscommunication, unwanted loads, low pay, drivers’ shortage by combining all the knowledge and 100 years of experience.

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